It seems we're made to suffer; it is our lot in life

by your neighbour the liar



Recorded and mixed by Andy Miller and Martin John Henry at Gargleblast Studios, Hamilton. Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering, Nottingham.


released June 11, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Window
From this window I watch the weekend drunks stumble home for the night, while the kids with fireworks keep me awake, but I can hardly blame when this is all they know.

It seems we’re made to suffer; it is our lot in life.

I watch these blue lights flash, hear the shouts from up the street, but the cold is coming in, turn my back on everything.

I can’t see into the next year but hope for something that’ll change.
Track Name: Year
A year has passed but nothing seems to have changed, except it’s always raining (raining since that day) and this hole that’s in our lives that we could never fill, that we could never.

Nothing I say could bring you back, bring you back to us.

You’ll live inside me for all of time and I talk like you’re still around.